Privacy Policy

General Information

Singh Corporation always respect the privacy of the clients and other visitors of websites. We have developed the privacy policy which will assist you to understand what personal data we collect and what we do of personal information.

What personal information Singh Corporation collect

On our website you can order service and product. Singh Corporation collect information of individual such as Name, Phone number, Email ID, Address, Password and many more. We will use your personal information to send you some promotional and advertising information which may help you for further details. Along with this, Singh Corporation also collect the feedback and experience information to keep the clients records.

How does Singh corporation use Personal Information

We use your personal information to make records for the company and also help website visitors to get product or service related information, special offering and sales alert. Sometimes we may use your details to contact you to finish surveys that we utilize for marketing and quality assurance goals. If you do not provide us these personal information then we will be unable to provide you these functions.

Security of Personal Information

Singh Corporation is committed to taking sensible efforts to protect the personal data you select to provide us. To secure the privacy of any personal details you may have provided, we use industry-standard controls consisting physical approach controls, encoding, Internet firewalls, entering detection, and network monitoring. Moreover, access to private information is limited to those individuals having a need to know.