• Completed successfully SITC of various ATC/ Automation Systems/ Radar/ Simulators/ VCCS/ VHF Systems at more than 100 Airports in India.
  • Air Traffic Control is a solution rendered by ground-based controllers who help the expedite the flow of air traffic and provide support and information to the other pilots. In many countries, ATC plays a very important role in security and defense or is managed by the military. The primary function of ATC is to prevent collisions.
VHF Systems
  • VHF Systems are basically used in aircraft to navigate its destination and to communicate with air traffic control. Each of the systems has their own characteristics regarding application and frequencies. VHF waves are limited to the local radio horizon. It is less affected by atmospheric noise and interference from electrical instruments which have lower frequencies.
  • System integration is the procedure of amalgamating together the components of subsystem into one system. Owing to our skilled and hardworking technical expertise, they are permitting us to modify the functionality of all aspects of a system installation.