SITC or system integration

System integration is the process of combining together the components of subsystem into one system. Due to our talented technical expertise, they are allowing us to increase the functionality of all aspects of a system installation. In this process we always follow below stated levels:

  • In initial level, first piece is installed by the OEM and supervise by OEM qualified and certified Singh Corporation Engineers.
  • In next level, second piece is installed by OEM skilled and certified Singh Corporation Engineers and supervise by OEM Engineers.
  • OEM trained and certified Singh Corporation Engineers handle all subsequent installations. To assemble the complete unit, Singh Corporation Engineers undertake system integration activity.
  • In last, the testing procedure of site acceptance is managed jointly by both OEM and Singh Corporation Engineers or individually handled by Singh Corporation itself.

Supply Of Third Party Items

In an initiative to make the program cost-effective, Singh Corporation acquire third party goods essential for different Civil and Defense Aviation sectors. Singh Corporation has well organized process to acquire third party goods which includes UPS, A/C, Installation Materials, Consumables and many more from reliable vendors at very cost-effective prices. Further, this plays a significant role in decreasing the price of maintenance and system solution thereby increase the chances to attained top most position in the market.